Brooks Weitzman was raised in Berkeley, California. A child of the sixties he was raised by parents who are both artists. They instilled in him a sense of community, responsibility and an eye for detail. During his formative years he lived in Europe and in his thirties spent many years traveling the world. This has given him a unique perspective on the bay area and those who choose to live in this wonderful place.

His apprenticeship as a builder began when he was 12 years old helping build The Yolla Bolly Press in Northern California. He progressed to work for many local contractors rounding out his career as a project lead for an upscale local construction company. His relationships with homeowners, architects, fellow contractors and employees are all long term, valued and ongoing.

Brooks’ company was born from a vision: A full service company reflecting the principles of honesty and integrity in all aspects of the craft. He would be proud to tell you that this vision has continued to flourish and grow as he remains steadfast to that vision.