Classic Construction is a “green” company. Of course this can mean many things. What it means to us, besides the fact that Brooks Weitzman is a “certified green builder,” is listed below.

  • We will suggest alternatives to non-green products and their cost difference.
  • We recycle up to 80% of waste from the jobsite
  • We use low VOC alternatives to paint, glues, adhesives and varnishes.

We are also currently working on getting certified in Solar and Hydronic design and installation.

We continue to study the trends and information available to building professionals regarding green practices and are always open to suggestions on how to better supply green services to our clients.

We consider green behavior to be a matter of our commitment to the stewardship of the world we pass on to future generations and not as a business plan.

Currently owner Brooks Weitzman is the founder and principle owner of a website designed to change the future of recycled building materials, this is an example of his commitment to the stewardship necessary to continue building in this wonderful industry. Please feel free to look at this site and use it too:

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