FAQs for Homeowners:

When do I contact Classic Construction Company?

You should contact us as early as possible in the project. Many times we can steer potential clients in the right direction in terms of budget and scale before many dollars are wasted finding out the project will be beyond their means.

Do I need an architect?

No, not only do we do some limited design we can offer up many options for great local architects based on your personality and your requirements for building. Sometimes it is not even necessary to have an architect.

After I call who will show up to my house and when?

Brooks Weitzman will show up at your house personally with a notepad and a tape measure. This can be done at your convenience within reason.

What do I need to have when you come to my house?

To start with it is a good idea to have all the parties involved in the outcome of the project present. An idea of what you have in mind. A budget is great.
Coffee helps and donuts are a plus!

How soon can you give us an idea of the cost of my project?

Typically it takes 4-5 business days to generate an estimate and this depends upon the details provided at the pre-estimate meeting. If you have a drawing on a napkin the estimate could take an hour and be very cursory, if you have a full set of plans the 4-5 days applies and the estimate will be very complete.

Once we receive our estimate what do we do?

Once you have received your estimate you have a couple of options: If the estimate is beyond the budget then it is a good idea to contact Brooks and begin the process of getting the estimate to your budget. If the estimate looks good then we go to the next step: generating a set of plans, if not already done, and submitting them to the city building department in the area you live. At this point it is a good idea to schedule Classic and sign a contract for us to do the work!! From that point on Classic will handle the permitting and all necessary items to begin your project, this will include a schedule, a master list and all necessary documentation for a smooth start.

How long will the job take?

Typically a remodel runs from 3-9 months with many variables in between. A good schedule is a great tool and we live by them. At no time unless warranted by you or circumstances will your project stall or be unmanned. From start to finish progress will be obvious.

Who will do the work on my house?

A predetermined crew, that you have already met and who are long time employees of Classic will arrive and prepare your job. These crews typically are comprised of a lead, an apprentice and a laborer. Of course more labor is available when needed and scheduled. We use many great sub contractors, all of whom have worked with us for many years. At no time will you not know who is on your property or when they will be there. This is a company policy.

How do we know the job is over?

When the job is done and we have received a final inspection from the city and all the necessary documentation has been submitted and as per the schedule you will hand us a punch list and we will dutifully handle this list and you will congratulate us and have a wild party in our honor and there will be lots of hugging and this is when the job is over.

FAQs for Architects:

Can I call Classic in pre-design?

Absolutely, we would love to help discuss costs with you and the client before design is started. Estimating with a full “shopping list” format can really help hone the project.

What projects should we consider for Classic?

Classic will do all types of projects from small commercial to full ground-up builds.
We are prepared to do work from $5000 to $5,000,000.